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There are a lot of insects on the planet that seem to serve no purpose.  When we look at the mosquito this is the first thing that comes to people’s minds.  However, the truth is that the mosquito does serve a purpose in our ecosystem.  In some cases, they help to pollinate flowers as they travel from plant to plant.  Their primary function however is to be a food source for other birds and large insects.  A fitting end in the mind of some people.

If mosquitoes ruled the world or were allowed to breed out of control, then we would have an ecological disaster on our hands.  For this reason, mosquito control services arlington are very important and will help to ensure that mosquitoes are kept in check and under control.

When trying to keep mosquitoes under control most treatment companies will spray a pesticide out over the area where they live.  This area is typically tall grass or water areas.  The problem with some pesticides is that they will eventually run off and cause toxic reactions in the environment.  This is why when you choose a pest control company, ensure that they are using environmentally safe chemicals.

mosquito control services arlington

Maintain our yards

After your yard or area has been treated you want to maintain your yard.  This can be done by cutting your grass, drying up any standing water and creating barriers between you and your home.  One layer of protection that you can have are screens.  These screens will prevent mosquitoes from getting into your home or attacking you while outside. 

You can also protect yourself by wearing light colored clothing and avoiding the consumption of alcohol.  When you wear light clothing you don’t keep in your heat.  Heat is what mosquitoes will use to find you.  Also, alcohol will change the chemistry of your blood.  If you want to be less attractive to mosquitoes, don’t drink.